Rudolf Boelee, Boudewijn Buch, Koenraad Kuiper, Dennis de Visseraman
Colour is Light, Light is Love, Love is God'
(a tribute to Petrus van der Velden)

Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch
19 July - 6 August 2000

Text: Esther Venning
Photographs: Rudolf Boelee

Rudolf Boelee and Dennis de Visseraman pay homage to Petrus van der Velden in an exhibition strongly referencing his art. The work and teachings of Petrus van der Velden have had a significant and enduring effect on many artists in New Zealand. Born in the Netherlands in 1837, van der Velden worked with the famed Hague School of painters.
He came to Christchurch in 1890 bringing his considerable talent and European artistic traditions. In New Zealand he became particularly well known for his raw and moody 'Otira Gorge' series.

The exhibition title 'Colour is Light, Light is Love, Love is God', references a quote by van der Velden demonstrating his strong association of painting with spirituality. The exhibition's multi-disciplinary perspective on van der Velden includes a Dutch documentary programme by the writer and presenter Boudewijn Buch and bi-lingual poems by Koenraad Kuiper.